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Hello, drunk (and sober) comics fans! Thank you for clicking on our first ever blog post. This will be my first time ever having posted an actual blog post , not a facebook rant or a thread on a forum, for a specific purpose. Thankfully, I do actually have some training in creative writing and my mom thinks I'm funny so I hope you enjoy it!


I want to start by saying showing my appreciation to all of the existing fans that we have. Mikey and I express this on the show from time to time but we really can't tell you just how much you all mean to us. We've been able to, for a little over two years now, sit down each week, drink and talk comics, and have people not only listen but take to Twitter and tell us what they think of our content. For all the bitching and moaning I do about the state of the world today as a result of technology and social media that is a truly amazing thing that never ceases to blow my mind. As we often say, we have no idea why any of you want to listen to our dumb fuckery, but we're glad you do. Also, to anyone who is getting their first introduction to us through this post, welcome! You can find every episode of our show and all of our YouTube videos right here on the site and I hope you both take the time to check it out and also enjoy it.



As far as the blog goes I'd like to lay out what it's going to be moving forward. We currently have a poll up on Twitter that you can find here asking the fans what sort of content YOU would like to see that will run for a few more days so please jump over there and cast a vote. As I'm writing this before the poll is finished I'm going to do this one for me, though; and something I'd like to speak about is the state of the industry and fandom. That's a bit of a tall order and there's no way to cover everything here, but there is something more specific I'd like to touch on, and I'd also love to hear your thoughts on it as well.


First, that technology I mentioned before has completely changed the way that we interact with creators; and there are pros and cons that come along with that. When I started reading comics as a kid the internet didn't even exist. The only way you had to interact with the industry and tell publishers, editorial, writers, and artists how you felt was to sit down and write an actual letter which you then had to put in the mail to be sent off and then you just waited. You continued to pick your book up and checked the letters column and hoped that they would print your letter and respond to it. Let's just ponder how different that is from being able to instantly send one hundred and forty plus characters from a small personal computer that we still call a phone for some odd reason, despite that no longer being its primary function. That instantaneous ability to voice your feelings seems to have emboldened some fans in their anger and agitation. People still sent angry letters back in the day, but there's something about sitting down and writing out your thoughts in a longer format that seems to chill you out and something about that instant messaging that makes you more reactionary. I try to be more mindful of the things I tweet at people for that very reason; plus my great grandma always said you catch more flies with honey, although my grandpa also said sometimes you just gotta raise some hell.


Which is what is happening with a portion of the fandom. What I view as fringe groups, but extremely vocal ones, have taken to the platform to let creators, primarily from Marvel comics, know that they are unhappy with a number of things. The two biggest ones we are seeing are the crowd that hates what they view as being “SJW Marvel” and the crowd who seemingly will never be satisfied with any steps that Marvel or DC take with diversity and representation. I'd love to see a Venn diagram of the crossover between these two groups in regards to their hatred of Secret Empire and HydraCap; because on everything else in comics they're pretty at odds with each other yet from both of these groups I saw an awful lot of “good morning to everyone but Nick Spencer, he can choke” over the last two years. It's the strangest crossover since Archie met the Predator.


Which leads me to ask the question, did the technology make us this way or is this just how we are? Most comics fans can tell you that comics fans are crazy people; but it seems sometimes like social media brings out the worst of us. We see it in more than just comics. I think we all know at least one person who quit Facebook either permanently or temporarily during the election last year. There's something about these screens and these keyboards that leads us to say things we would never voice face to face with another human being.

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On the flipside doing this show and using Twitter I've been able to connect with tons of creators and actually engage with them. Whether its just a thank you for telling them I like their book or an actual conversation, that's amazing. Anyone who's ever had so much as a favorite on a tweet from someone they're a fan of knows that giddy feeling it creates inside. It's an acknowledgment from someone we've placed on a pedestal and elevated to a god-like status. It's the very hand of the creator reaching down from the heavens and giving you a thumbs up.


I guess the main point I want to make here, and in truth I suppose I'm making it to an audience who already feels the same and doesn't need to be told this, is we should be more mindful with how we are on that platform, and all platforms. It doesn't need to be ass-kissing, we can be critical; but a modicum of respect should be given when speaking with creators and even just other users. Unless somebody's already being an asshole, in that case they can fuck themselves off a cliff.

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But what do you think? Do you have any interesting stories about interacting with creators and other fans? Make sure to reach out to us on Twitter @drunkcomicsfans and let us know. Thank you for reading, and do me a favor and go comment on one of our YouTube videos. We need help getting pushed up in the algorithm.



Thanks again 

-Dexter Busch-etelli